9 Silicon Uses And It’s Compounds : Facts You Should Know !

Polysiloxane is an another name of silicon which is a polymer. Let us discuss about silicon and it’s various uses.

  • Silicon is a colourless oil or it is rubber like substance with chemical formula R2-Si-O-Si-R2 where R can be an organic group.
  • Silicon is a polymer with low thermal conductivity and chemical reactivity.
  • One of Silicon’s unique property that makes it more useful is water repelling power.

Silicone or polysiloxane is resistant to creasing and wrinkling, ozone and UV light. Let us study more about various silicon products and its uses in the following sections.

Silicon Dioxide uses

Silicon dioxide is also called as silica. It is an oxide of silicon with formula SiO2 . It’s various uses are following.

  • Silicon dioxide is used in construction industries for the production of concrete.
  • Silicon dioxide is used in iron casting due to its high melting point.
  • Silicon dioxide is one of the precursor for class industries and also for making optical fibres in telecommunication.
  • Sometimes silicon dioxide is also used for the production of elemental silicon.
  • Silicon dioxide is used as an anti caking agent and fining agent in food industries.
  • Silicon dioxide is also used in cosmetics and as an insecticides in agricultural applications and also as an important semiconductor.

Silicon oil uses

Silicon oil is a liquid polymerised siloxane which has good high thermal stability and dielectric properties. It is non flammable in nature. The following are its uses.

  • Silicon oil is used as a good lubricating agent and in hydraulic fluids.
  • Silicon oil is used in labs as heating baths placed on hot plate stirrer.
  • Silicon dioxide used as working fluid in dash pots and diffusion pumps. Due to its water repelling properties it is also used in various fields
  • In cosmetic industries it is used as an anti perspirant. It is mixed with boric acid for making toys.
  • Silicon oil is used as an anti forming agent during distillation and fermentation and also in cooking oil.

Silicon carbide uses

Silicon carbide is also called as carborandum. It is a yellow to green coloured crystals with 40.0196 g / mol molar mass. Given below is its various uses.

  • Silicon carbide is used for the manufacturing of LEDs and detectors.
  • Due to its semiconducting properties it is used for the production of fast high temperature and high voltage devices and also used for giving lining work.
  • Silicon carbide is used for making of ceramic brake discs, crucibles and in certain electronic circuit elements.
  • Silicon carbide has a stone like appearance with good lustrous properties makes them useful in jewellery making.
  • Silicon carbide also used in thin filament pyrometry and for giving coating for nuclear fuel particles.
  • Silicon carbide is mixed with oxygen which act as a good fuel in making steel.

Silicon spray uses

Silicon spray has tremendous usages and they are as follows.

  • Silicone Spray can be used to extend the life of rubber seals and keep them functioning longer.
  • Silicone spray is used as a lubricating agent in Sunroof Rails, Seat Tracks and other Moving Parts.
  • Silicon spray is used for Lubricating and Protecting Blades, Knives, Dies and Cutting Surfaces and motorcycle Gear and Workwear.
  • Spraying the sliding door tracks with silicone help keep the door moving easily and smoothly.
  • Silicone will prevent the wood from drying out and splintering, and it is also a great water repellent.
  • Silicone will helps to soften the leather on new shoes for making it comfortable during wearing first couple of times.
  • Silicone spray used for lubricating Gym Equipments and also protect it from moisture and other impurities.

Pixelmon silicon uses

According to pixelmon silicon is obtained by the smelting of silicon ore. The following are its uses.

  • Silicon is used for as a crafting ingredient for silicon block, mower, wheel made by mixing silicon and iron ingot.
  • Silicon is also used for making Neo plasma helmet and Neo plasma boots.

Crystalline silicon uses

Crystalline silicon is the crystalline form of silicon which can be either mono crystalline or poly crystalline. It is denoted as C-Si. The following are its uses.

  • Crystalline silicon is used as a semiconductor in solar cells.
  • Crystalline can be assembled as a part of photo voltaic system.
  • Crystalline silicon is also used for the production of micro chips and silicon wafers.

Amorphous silicon uses

Amorphous silicon is a non crystalline form of silicon which yes denoted as a-Si. Given below are the important uses of amorphous silicon.

  • Amorphus silicon is used as semiconductor for making thin film solar cells.
  • Amorphous silicon is also used to give coating for making p type and n type semiconductors.
  • Amorphous silicon is also used for making pocket calculators and in liquid crystal displays.

Polycrystalline silicon uses

Poly crystalline silicon is also called as multi crystalline silicon or polysilicon. The following is the uses of poly crystalline silicon.

  • Poly crystalline silicon is the raw material of solar photovoltaic and electronic industries.
  • Poly crystalline silicon is also used as a good conducting material for making semiconductors.

Ferro silicon uses

Ferro silicon is an alloy of iron and silicon where silicon contains 15-90%. It has iron silicides in high amounts and following are its uses.

  • Ferro silicon is used as a reducing agents to reduce metal oxides, steel, ferrous alloys.
  • Ferro silicon is used for making Ferro alloys, Ferro silicon alloys which are corrosion and Temperature resistant.
  • Ferro silicon is used for making electro motors and transformer cores. It is also additive in casting iron and in welding.
  • Ferro silicon can be used for making magnesium from dolomite and for trichloro silane.


Different silicon compounds has various uses. Silicon is used as adhesives, in sealants, as lubricants, cooking utensils manufacturing, thermal insulation and electrical insulation purposes.