What Is Raspberry Pi Drone: 11 Facts You Should Know

Points for Discussion

A. Application in Education

B. Application in Home Automation

C. Application in Industrial Automation

D. Pi as AI Assistant (Raspberry Pi Alexa)

E. Photography Applications

F. Raspberry pi drone and Raspberry pi drone peripherals

G. Raspberry Pi camera

H. Octoprint Raspberry Pi

Various Applications of Raspberry Pi

Raspberry pi is considered as one of the greatest inventions. It is one of the hot-selling electronics devices in today’s world. From taking images of planets in night using raspberry pi cameras to controlling the washing machine in your home , Raspberry pi drone is using in advanced drones also. Do. Raspberry pi is now literally the ‘Jack of all trade’. But the tiny computer is not trying to replace the conventional computing machines but assisting the machines like never before!

It’s versatility of shape and size and dynamic nature of operation helps to implement innovative ideas in a simple way and through shorter process. Out of in numerous numbers of applications, we will discuss about some common applications which are appreciated and adapted by tons of people (the range of people lies from – 8th standard student to NASA scientists!). At first, we will discuss about the uses of raspberry pi by dividing its uses in separate fields then we will be more specific.

Raspberry Pi Rover
Raspberry Models Used By Nasa for their ROVER, Image Source – NASA/JPL-Caltech, NASAJPLOpenSourceRover, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

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A. Education

Raspberry pi helps the students to grow interest in the modern technological domains. They come up with different innovative ideas and some of them are just mind blowing. There are various communities to teach the students the use of raspberry pi, about the workings, about the effectiveness of raspberry pi. As a result of these communities, report says there are growing interests inside students of various schools in States and Britain.

Raspberry Pi foundation has taken steps to accumulate software developers and teachers to give free training for the enthusiasts. The foundation has also started with their teacher training organizations to train the teachers in a more precise way. The course is aimed to update the teachers with the modern curriculums. It is known as ‘Picademy’.

Drawing of Raspberry Pi model B rev2
RaspberryPi Model, Image Credit – Efa at English WikipediaDrawing of Raspberry Pi model B rev2CC BY-SA 3.0

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has also joined the campaign by launching an open source project. It is known as JPL Open Source Project and it is the miniature version of curiosity rover placed in mars. Raspberry pi controllers control the small model and inspires and encourages students to contribute to the project. Raspberry pi sensors also got involved in the project. It is one of the best examples of raspberry pi robot.

B. Home automation

Home automation is basically smart home which is controlled by automation system. Home automation can control and monitor raspberry pi security cameras, security systems of vaults, climate inside different rooms, power supply, all the home appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc.) present inside the household, home theatres and all the entertainment system and what not! Raspberry pi is the heart behind the automation system and it controls the whole system. The economical cost has increased the demand for raspberry pi for the automation systems. There are developers and scientists researching to make more affordable automation system using raspberry pi.

C. Industrial automation

Raspberry pi models are cheaper for making automations systems. That is why many industrial companies have started with raspberry pi for their automation systems. Implementation of IoT is quite simpler using raspberry pi models. Networking and controlling of sensors, software and hardware can be efficiently done by raspberry pi. That is how modern industrial automation is becoming more advance and more secure. On the other hand, the controlling became easier than before.

In the year 2014, Mod Berry was released. Mod berry was released by TECHBASE (a famous automation builder company of Poland). It is a computer for industrial uses and it is built using raspberry pi compute model. This device has some added advantages like- RS-485/232 serial ports, 1 wire buses, etc. The computer got popularity as soon as it came into market.

Raspberry pi has also come up with different products of great usability. Raspberry pi camera or OTTO camera is a digital camera which was made by Next Thing Co. comes with some great features. It has a raspberry pi compute module to run the camera in efficient and desired way.

There are media player or raspberry pi media player developed by Slice. The digital player uses raspberry pi module as the core of the media player.

D. AI Assistant

Raspberry pi has recently tied knot with google to come up with hardware kits that will use Google’s cloud speech API and assistant software development kit for interpreting natural language or voices. That will not only make the devices more advanced but also will help the user to do certain tasks. That is how a raspberry pi will work as intelligent assistant or it can be called as raspberry pi Alexa. 

E. Photography

Raspberry pi module can help to capture some long-desired shots of many photographers. Raspberry pi No-IR camera works as artificially intelligent camera. A good quality camera with the no-IR filter camera of raspberry pi can be used to take some snaps from the night sky. The results will be much better than normal camera. Researches are still in progress to get more clarified results.

We have discussed some field related uses of the Raspberry Pi module. Let us be more specific and continue the discussion with some fantastic and cool science projects and ideas using raspberry pi module.

F. Raspberry pi web server

Raspberry pi can be used as webserver for the customers who needs it. However, raspberry pi cannot host a website with large base and high visitor counts but it’s perfect for new websites with low visitor counts. Three are web servers such as Apache, nginx and others for hosting large extensive websites. You will need a raspberry pi monitor for sure.

G. Raspberry pi drone

Emild has come out with a special structure using raspberry pi to control flight for new a Raspberry pi drone . To make a raspberry pi drone, one need to write the framework for autopilot. The job for Raspberry pi drone is now easily done by most of the raspberry pi model. The updated model of Raspberry pi by Emild has made it easier as it does not require to recreate the model. You can implement the innovative ideas in most of the Raspberry pi drone nowadays. Now raspberry pi drone can be used for most of the drone based operations and list is increasing daily.

Raspberry pi drone equipment’s

Tools need to make a raspberry pi drone are given in the below list.

640px Parrot Bebop Drone under
Raspberry pi drone, Image by – Maurizio Pesce from Milan, Italia, Parrot Bebop Drone (under)CC BY 2.0
  • Raspberry pi 4
  • NAVIO Kit (Built by Emild)
  • Motors
  • RC Controller
  • Raspberry pi battery
  • Adaptors
  • Micro SD Cards
  • USB cords
  • GPS system
  • 1045 props
  • PPM Encoders

H. Raspberry pi security camera

Earlier we have discussed home automation system using raspberry pi. Security camera is one of the most important parts of the system. This is not only for homes but also for industrial uses. A security camera is necessary for everywhere. Installing the system will allow you to watch live streams from the cameras and you can monitor the situations. It also records the video, so you can watch them latter too.

The list of tools needed for installing security camera using raspberry pi is given in the below list.

  • Raspberry Pi Module version – 3 and above
  • Raspberry pi camera (separately built for connecting with raspberry pi module)
  • Power supply
  • Micro SD card
  • Wi – fi module
  • Ethernet cable to connect the network

The steps for setup are as follow –

  1. Install the raspberry pi operating system using the micro SD card.
  2. Connect the Secure Shell or SSH (your local network).
  3. Connect the raspberry pi camera.
  4. Give access to Wi – Fi.
  5. Set up all your hardware components.
  6. Motion detection installation.
  7. Set up your pc for saving the videos in a particular folder and make sure the machine has space to store.
  8. Fix the motion AutoStart.
  9. Fix the camera at the desired place.
  10. Access the live stream.

I. Octoprint Raspberry pi

Octoprint is the web interface for 3D printers. Raspberry pi helps Octoprint to control and monitor the printing process with its own controller. Raspberry pi camera can help Octoprint in this matter.

Tools needed for the projects are –

  • Raspberry pi module version – 3 and above.
  • Micro Sd Cards.
  • USB cables.
  • Raspberry pi camera
  • 3d printed camera mount.

J. Coffee machine controllers using raspberry pi

There is n need to talk about the demand and popularity of a modern coffee machine in today’s era. Using an raspberry pi just add some more control and need less human interaction with the machine. It will set up warning when resource fell short, will give warnings for too much use, will give you estimation for bulky orders etc. The equipment needed to modify the coffee machine are noted below.

  • Raspberry pi module version 3 and above.
  •  Ultrasonic sensor
  • Cloud4Rpi software
  • Coffee Machine

K. LED controllers for raspberry pi

One of the very common yet popular project using raspberry pi is LED controllers. One can control and design LEDs with raspberry pi according their choices and requirements. One can select which light will be on for how much amount of time, or which light will be blinking using a simple raspberry pi module. The needed components are listed below.

  • Raspberry pi module of any version
  • LEDs
  • Resistors.
  • Breadboard
  • Jumper Wires.