13 Hydrogen Sulfide Uses: Facts You Should Know!

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a chemical compound having a molar mass of 34.08 g/mol. Let us have a look at the various uses of Hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Hydrogen sulfide is a very crucial by product of many reactions and therefore is utilized in varieties of fields including

• Industrial Processing

• Agriculture

• Mining

• Research laboratories

• Petroleum Refining

• Food Processing

Let us emphasise the facts and application of Hydrogen Sulfide in a wide range of sectors in detail in this article.

Industrial Processing

The usages of H2S in the industrial sector are inscribed below-

  • Employed as a stepping stone in the creation of sulfuric acid
  • Employed to eliminate sulfur from other gases, natural gas, and refinery gas.
  • Used as a starting point in the manufacture of other compounds like sodium sulfied and thiourea.

Agriculture Field

The usages of H2in the agriculture field are inscribed below-

  • H2S is used to keep crops free from pests.
  • To manage gophers, moles, and other small rodents in fields, it is used as a fumigant.

Mining Sector

The usages of H2S in the mining sector are inscribed below-

  • H2S is utilised while removing metals from ores.
  • Used to extract gold from ore.

Research laboratories

H2S is applied as a reagent in chemical laboratories.

Petroleum Refining

H2S is applied to deodorise crude oil by removing sulfur from it.

Automotive Sector

The usages of H2S in the automotive sector are inscribed below-

  • H2S is applied as fuel in fuel cells. 
  • Used to make semiconductors.

Food Processing

H2S is applied as a preservative in food engineering to delay the deterioration of food.

Wastewater Treatment

The usages of H2S in wastewater treatment are inscribed below-

  • H2S is applied to purge wastewater of hydrogen sulfide and other odour-producing substances.
  •  It is used to purge wastewater of heavy metals.


Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a pungent odor colorless covalent compound with a density of 1.19 g/L. It has a specific odour of rotten gas and and is applied in various fields including laboratories, water treatment as well as various agricultural fields.

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