13 Curium Uses in Different Industries (Need To Know Facts)

Curium is a radioactive metal in the periodic table. The element is symbolised with Cm and its atomic number is 96. Let us focus on the industries where Cm is used:

  • Research industry
  • Power generation industry
  • Battery industry
  • Spacecraft and space missions
  • In electricity production houses
  • Chemical industries

Research industry

  • Curium is used broadly in the chemical research due to its radioactive nature
  • Curium can bring forth in-depth knowledge about the internal components of any element difficult to study

Power generation industry

  • Curium isotopes (curium 242 and curium- 244) is used in power generation industries such as in manufacturing thermo-electric and thermo-converters
  • Curium metal is highly applicable in the formation of thermal energy
Curium uses
Curium uses in different industries

Battery industry

  • Curium is used as supplementary when batteries cannot be replaces from devices such as Robots and satellites or remote planets
  • Curium isotopes are also used in producing energies in batteries, therefore, in battery industry the metal is used in a broad range

Spacecraft and space missions

  • Curium is used as a fuel in the Radioisotope Thermal Generators (RTGs) on board satellites and deep space probes
  • Curium is used in spacecraft applications and space missions
  • Curium is sued in the remote navigational buoys

In electricity production houses

  • Curium is well-known for producing heat energies which can be converted easily in electrical energy and used in electrical devices  
  • Curium provides high electrical power to the devices used in power generation applications

Chemical industries

  • Curium is used in a large scale in the chemical industries as radioisotope
  • Curium is used in detecting internal particles in elements with its high luminescent power
  • Curium generates intensely fluorescent complexes with different kinds of organic compounds


The radioactive nature of Curium is the key factor which is giving a unique notion of broad range of use of the metal. This metal is highly capable of generating huge amount of heat energy which makes is usable in the power-generation industry. However, the radioactive element is well-known in the space craft activities and is used as fuel in satellites as well.