Chch Lewis Structure, Characteristics:13 Must To Know Facts

This article is regarding chch lewis structure and its related properties like bond angle, leis dot structure, acidic characters, and polarity or non-polarity.

Chch lewis structure is commonly known as alkyne with the HC☰CH (triple bond) or seen like ethyne or acetylene compound in organic chemistry. The C2H2 is a short form of Chch. The chch lewis structure is the Hydrocarbon that is used in welding and cutting metals or solid materials.

The formation of a compound takes place by a combination of two carbon with two hydrogens.

How to draw Chch lewis structure?

Lewis structure is the electron depicted graphically by assigning the valence electrons around the atoms.

Learning how to draw lewis structure we will find what kind of bond formation or how many bonds are formed in the molecules.

Following are the steps through which we will draw the lewis structure of the molecules.

  1. Calculate the total no. of valence electrons.
  2. Complete the octet.
  3. Chose a central atom.
  4. Put the remaining atom around the central atom.
  5. Assign the valence electron.

Calculate the total no. of valence electrons:

In Chch lewis structure, Carbon with electronic configuration 1s2, 2s2, and 2p2 have four valence electrons and of Hydrogen, 1s1 has one valence electron. The total no. of valence electrons is calculated by adding each valence electron present in that molecule. Therefore total valence electron in the Chch lewis structure is 10(even number).

Complete the octet:

Octet is completed by assigning the valence electrons to each atom.

Carbon = 4(4*2)=8 valence electrons. Hydrogen= 1(1*2)= 2 valence electrons .

Choose a central atom:

Choose a central atom for drawing the lewis structure of C2H2. As carbon is less value of an electronegative, as that hydrogen is comparable, both carbons should place in the center and hydron around the carbon atom.

Put the remaining atom around the central atom:

Hydrogen is the scattered atom around the carbon atom. So hydrogen is put around the carbon atom.

Assign the valence electron:

Assign the valence electron to the central atom as well as the scattered atom around the central atom. Now assign the valence electron to each carbon and hydrogen atom present in the molecules. As carbon forms a triple bond(1sigma bond and 2 Pi bonds) because its octet is not completed and hydron from only duplet.

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lewis structure of C2H2

So for the stability of the structure, there is a total of six valence electron is used to form the triple bond between carbon atoms.

Chch lewis structure resonance

Because its octet is incomplete, carbon forms a triple bond (1sigma bond and 2 Pi bonds) and hydron from only the duplet. As a result, a total of six valence electrons are used to form the triple bond between carbon atoms, ensuring the structure’s stability.

Six dots represented the triple bonds and two dots represented the single bond. The Chch lewis structure has no isomers. The Chch lewis structure has a linear, symmetrical atomic arrangement possible. It has only one type of atomic arrangement.

Chch lewis structure shape

The Chch lewis structure has a linear geometry because all atoms are arranged in a symmetrical manner.

Chch lewis structure formal charge

Formal charge=  Valence electron     –  unshared valence    –  half of the  

                            neutral atom            electrons            shared electrons

The formal charge on carbon= 4-0-8/2=0

The formal charge on hydrogen= 1-0-2/2=0. Thus the formal charge on the Chch lewis structure is zero.

Chch lewis structure angle

The Chch lewis structure of the molecule has a 180° bond angle and a linear geometry because all atoms are arranged symmetrically.

Thus the Chch lewis structure has a linear molecular geometry.

Chch lewis structure octet rule

The octet rule follows the eight electrons rule for each atom, in the Chch lewis structure, carbon should have 8 electrons and hydrogen is two electrons. When we draw the Lewis structure for Chch, we will notice that there are not enough valence electrons to satisfy each element’s octet if we use only single bonds. 

The solution is for the Carbon atoms in Chch to share three pairs of valence electrons in between the carbon atom and form a triple bond. Thus Chch follows the octet rule.

Chch lewis structure lone pairs

The Chch lewis structure has no lone pairs. It has triple bonds between carbon and carbon and single bonds between C-H.

Each carbon atom forms a single bond with hydrogen atoms, completing their respective octets, and the carbon atoms form a triple bond with each other, sharing 6 electrons. Thus Chch lewis structure has no lone pairs.

Chch valence electrons

Valence electrons are the electrons present in the outermost shell of an atom and participate in the formation of bonds. Carbon is the central atom with four valence electrons each is surrounded by a hydrogen atom with one valence electron each.

Thus the electronic configuration of carbon and hydrogen is:

C=1s2, 2s2,2p2 =4(4*2)=8 ,H= 1s =1(1*2)= 2. Total valence electron= 8+2=10. Thus Chch lewis structure has 10 valence electrons.

Chch hybridization

In the Chch lewis structure, the arrangement of atoms can be understood by considering that the molecule is made up of two units of CH. The electronic configuration of carbon is 1s2, 2s2,2p2.

The ground state is: 1s2, 2s2,2p2

The excited state is:1s2, 2s1,2px1,2py1,2pz1, and the electronic configuration of Hydrogen: 1s1.

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Chch hybridization

When one sp orbital of one CH molecule overlaps with the sp orbital of the other C-H molecule, sigma bonds are formed. There is the formation of a Carbon carbon bond and two c-H bonds by overlapping s-orbital of 1s of hydrogen with p- orbital(half filled orbital of 2p).

These two p orbitals are used to form pi-bond that are not participating in the hybridization. Thus there is the formation of triple bonds between c-c. Thus the lewis structure of C2H2 has sp hybridization.

Chch solubility

The Chch lewis structure is slightly soluble in water. Acetylene is soluble in Acetone at room temperature. It is also soluble in dimethylformamide, and pressure increases its solubility.

Solubility of C2H2  Amount Condition
Acetone 27.9g/kg At room temperature
Dimethylformamide(DMF) 689.0g At 20.6 bar pressure
Solubility of C2H2

Is Chch ionic?

No, Chch is the covalent molecule. As we see in the periodic table Carbon is a nonmetal and hydrogen is also a nonmetal. When two nonmetals combine there is no formation of ionic bonds.

There is a sharing of electrons occurs between carbon and hydrogen and a covalent bond formation takes place.

Is Chch acidic or basic?

C2H2 is acidic due to the presence of hydrogen that is donated by ethyne when reacting with other suitable reagents. Ethyne contains more acidic hydrogen with 50% s- character and makes the molecule acidic.

Even the electronegativity of carbon is more than hydrogen atoms making its conjugate base weak. Thus it is stronger acidic. The removal of H+ ions makes it stable anions.

                                               H-C☰C-H —-> CC-H

                                                                     Conjugate base

Is Chch polar or nonpolar?

No, the Chch lewis structure has a nonpolar molecule. This is due to less difference in their electronegativity and it is about 0.35.

Is Chch tetrahedral?

No, The Chch lewis structure is having only a linear shape. The Chch having Sp Hybridization and arrangement of electrons is symmetrical.

Is Chch linear?

Yes, the Chch lewis structure has linear in shape. This is due to the symmetrical distribution of electrons in the C2H2 molecules.


For Ethyne or Acetylene, there are no unshared electrons in the structure because all of the valence electrons have been used up. The Chch lewis structure has sp hybridization with180° bond angle. It is a linear molecule with an atom distribution that is symmetric.

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