29+ Relative Pronoun Examples: Sentences, Uses And Detailed Explanations

There will be 29+ Relative Pronoun Examples with the definition in this article, in which the readers may find more detailed information with explanations of Relative Pronouns.

A Relative Pronoun is a part of speech that works as a contact in the sentence.

Let Us See 29+ Examples here

Relative Pronoun Examples In Sentences

The bike rider that hit us has undergone an accident.

Here the relative pronoun is that. It is used to relate to people , animals etc.. It connects the clause hit us to the noun the bike rider to make a subordinate clause.

It was the thief who smashed the glass door in his haste to escape.

Here who is the relative pronoun that relates to people, animals and objects. Here the phrase smashed the glass door is connected to the noun the thief.

The cargo which was unloaded from the ship was sealed to be taken to its destination.

Here which is the relative pronoun that relates to a thing, the cargo that is a noun here and is connected to the clause on the other part of the sentence.

He is the handsome guy whom I met in the coffee shop.

Here the relative pronoun is whom and it refers to the people when it is the object of the verb.

She is the lady whose ticket had been stolen by someone.

Here whose is the relative pronoun and it refers to the possessions of people and animals. Here ticket is shown as the possession and so it is connected to the pronoun she.

We walked out of the campus that was really shabby.

Here that is the relative pronoun that relates to people and animals that add on description. Here campus is related by describing that it is shabby.

The warden asked the boy why he was late.

Here the relative pronoun is why and it shows or demands a reason. Here the noun warden is demanding a reason from the object of the sentence.

I would reveal the plan when others also join us.

Here the relative pronoun is when that refers to the time of something happening or happened.

Sign your name on the form where I have put a cross.

Here where is the relative pronoun that shows a particular place. Here I have put a cross denotes the place where something has to be done.

The boy who gifted me a teddy is my boyfriend.

Here the noun boy is connected to the phrase gifted me a teddy using who to make a sub-ordinate clause.

I love the puppy which is playing with the kittens.

Here the relative pronoun which refers to the animal puppy and connects to the clause playing with the kittens

The woman whom I met today had an extra ordinary vibe around her.

Here whom connects the noun the woman that is the object of the sentence.

The day when the results are out there will be a grand celebration.

Here when denotes the time of the result that is going to be published.

This is the resort where I stayed on my last trip.

Here where shows the place to which the noun I is connected to.

His mother asked him why he was not going abroad.

Here the relative pronoun why refers to an unknown but a sure reason for the action not going abroad done by the pronoun him.

She is the girl whose puppy was missing from yesterday onwards.

Here whose is the relative pronoun and it refers the ownership of the puppy to the pronoun she.

The boy who is standing near the hotel seems to be hungry.

The noun,the boyis related to the clause standing near the hotel with the relative pronoun who.

The girl with the blonde hair is the one whom I loved the most.

Here whom refers to the people that is the object of the sentence.

The camp which was conducted last week was an utter failure.

Here which refers to the object camp and it connects to the clause on the other part.

This is the school that I mentioned to you last week for your higher studies.

Here that is a clear relative pronoun that connects the object, the schoolto the rest of the sentence.

I ran away from the college when  the recess bell rang.

The relative pronoun when shows the time the subject does an action and the both are connected.

I have a brother whose car is red.

The relative pronoun whose acts as a connector between the noun brother and the clause car is red as a possession.

I don’t know the reason why you have insulted him.

The relative pronoun why acts as connector demanding a reason done for an act.

Harley Street, where she was born, is famous for clinics.

The relative pronoun where refers to the place that connects the noun to something special of that place.

The trader who came in last day was very smart.

Relative pronoun who relates to the noun and describes more specifically about the noun.

The bike which we sold was really a good one.

The relative pronoun which connects the inanimate object the bike to its description.

I know a restaurant where the seafood is excellent.

Where is the relative pronoun that connects the noun restaurant to a place where the rest of the clause is dependent.

The lady whose car got hit had to pay the penalty.

Whose is the relative pronoun that connects the noun the lady to her possession car.

The blue jacket that  she is wearing belongs to her friend.

That refers to the thing used by the pronoun she and thereby connecting to a clause.

This is the boy whom I wanted to meet.

Here whom refers to the people that is the object of the sentence.

Relative Pronoun Uses

Relative Pronouns are used to make sub – ordinate clause or phrase connected to a noun or pronoun.