Argon Electronic Configuration:7 Facts You Should Know!

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Argon is a neutral gaseous atom that belongs to group 18 of the periodic table. Let us have a look at the electronic configuration of argon in this article. Argon condensed electron configuration is [2, 8, 8]. The argon atom consists of 22 neutrons, 18 electrons, and 18 protons. The condensed electron configuration of an … Read more

15 Facts on HCl + Ag: With Several Elements Reaction

Hydrochloric Acid is one of the strongest acids in chemistry and Silver is a transition metal. Let us discuss the reaction between HCl and Ag in this article. HCl is a colorless acid and undergoes complete dissociation in the water while Ag is found in the earth’s crust. The reaction between Hydrochloric acid and silver … Read more

Magnesium Chloride(MgCl2) Properties(25 Helpful Facts)

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MgCl2is a halogenated complex of magnesium with two Chlorine atoms. Let us discuss some more facts about MgCl2 in this article. MgCl2 is also known as chloromagnestite. MgCl2 is highly hygroscopic. MgCl2 is electrolytic as it conducts electricity in the molten state. MgCl2 is prepared using the Dow Process which uses Magnesium Hydroxide and Hydrochloric … Read more

Magnesium Bromide(MgBr2) Properties(25 Facts You Should Know)

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MgBr2 is a halogenated magnesium complex with two Bromine atoms. Let us discuss some more facts about MgBr2 in this article. MgBr2 has trigonal omega structure. MgBr2 is highly hygroscopic and has a hexagon shape. MgBr2 is prepared by the reaction of hydrobromic acid with magnesium oxide. MgBr2 is electrolytic as it conducts electricity in … Read more

Benzoic Acid Properties(23 Facts You Should Know)

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Benzoic acid is an organic compound. Let us study some facts about benzoic acid. Benzoic acid is a crystalline white solid, which is the simplest aromatic acid. Benzoic acid is used in a number of industries mainly due to its property of providing preservation for the long term. It is obtained from a variety of … Read more