About Us-themachine.science

We are a group of professionals coming from different backgrounds and domains i.e Engineering, Advance science & Research, Technology . We are working together in collaboration to build a knowledge-based platform which will contain a vast amount of academic and professional subjects from each and every type of domains and industries. Our main intention is to serve and share our expertise to a large and versatile community of students and working professionals and to fulfil their learning needs.

Core Team Members

Debarghya Roy


Myself Debarghya Roy, I am an Engineering ARCHITECT working with fortune 5 company and an open source contributor, having around 15 years of experience/expertise in various Technology stack.I have worked with various technologies such as Java,C#,Python,Groovy, UI Automation(Selenium), Mobile Automation(Appium), API/Backend Automation, Performance Engineering(JMeter, Locust), Security Automation (MobSF,OwAsp, Kali Linux, Astra, ZAP etc), RPA, Process Engineering Automation, Mainframe Automation, Back End Development with SpringBoot, Kafka, Redis, RabitMQ, ELK stack, GrayLog, Jenkins and  also having experience in Cloud Technologies, DevOps etc.  I live in Bangalore ,India  with my wife and have passion towards Blogging , music , playing guitar and my Philosophy of life is Education for All which gave the birth of themachine.science. Lets connect over linked-in.


Dr. Subrata Jana

I am Subrata, Ph.D. in Engineering, more specifically interested in Nuclear and Energy science related domains. I have multi-domain experience starting from Service Engineer for electronics drives and micro-controller to specialized R&D work. I have worked on various projects, including nuclear fission, fusion to solar photovoltaics, heater design, and other projects. I have a keen interest in the science domain, energy, electronics and instrumentation, and industrial automation, primarily because of the wide range of stimulating problems inherited to this field, and every day it’s changing with industrial demand. Our aim here is to exemplify these unconventional, complex science subjects in an easy and understandable to the point manner.I am passionate about learning new techniques and guide young minds to perform like a professional, have a vision, and improve their performance by enriching knowledge and experience.Apart from the professional front, I like photography, painting, and exploring the beauty of nature. Lets connect over linked-in.



Hi, I am Himadri Das, I am a blogger, and an open source contributor. I have about 15 years of experience in the Information Technology domain. Currently I am working in a Startup Company as Quality Assurance Manager. I have hands-on experience on Appium, Selenium, QTP, Locust, Automation framework, Performance Testing, Functional Testing, Java, python, Shell scripting, MySql, Redis, Kafka etc. Apart from my work and writing blogs, I love to play guitar, love to travel and love to watch cricket and football. If you want to know more about me, please visit my linkedin profile.



This is Rima Chatterjee and I am a Business Analyst by profession. I got around 15 years of experience in IT and mostly worked with the world’s leading Investment banks. I did my BTech in Computer Science and then gradually shifted towards the Finance domain. My interest lies in Finance , Investment Banking , Analytics and Operations broadly.
I live with my husband in Bangalore, India but my hometown is in Kolkata. We can get connected  in LinkedIn.